Uber is the new Band-Aid

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Since it’s public launch in 2011, Uber has been revolutionary in its impact on the transportation industry. In it’s infancy, users might describe Uber as “the AirBNB for transportation”. Even now some may describe it that way (despite Turo being much more similar to AirBNB), but Uber has transcended that comparison.

Whether due to the size of its impact or simply great marketing, Uber is like Kleenex and Band-Aid.

Like these two brands, Uber has dominated their market so well (despite Lyft’s recent surge) that the brand name is commonly used in place of the actual service; No one ride-shares to the bars, you “Uber” there. When your nose is runny, you’re more likely to reach for a “Kleenex” than a facial tissue. When your child scrapes their knee they ask for a “Band-Aid”, not a bandage.

Uber has it’s sights set far beyond ride-sharing however, having already tinkered with Autonomous vehicles and Scooters. Their most ambitious path may just be over the horizon however, as they wade into the world of public transportation.

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