Trump’s border wall sounds like a Bernie Sanders presidential run

Recent rhetoric of Donald Trump is that he’s still dead set on building the border wall, but hasn’t really been clear on how it will be paid for (despite his claims that Mexico will pay for it). One unexpected solution may come from the same people who voted him into office. A GoFundMe campaign has already raised over $18.5 million towards it’s $1 billion goal.

This has a similar sound to his across-the-aisle populist counterpart, Bernie Sanders.

During his campaign, Bernie Sanders often cited his $27 average donation, and regardless of what the actual number was it’s true that Bernie Sanders had an extraordinary amount of small donations for his campaign. Sanders also touted his free college plan, which he, like Trump, promised someone else would pay for it; namely “Wall Street.”

Neither claims seem all that realistic, and yet both inspired their voters to contribute to their cause (Sanders indirectly). It’s an interesting TILT (This Is Like That) realization on how similar two political opposites really are.

Taking action

  • To express your disagreement or support of the wall, contact the White House or your Elected Officials here
  • If you’d like to support the wall, the GoFundMe is above
  • To help make colleges free, make a scholarship donation to the college(s) of your choice

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