Ending Homelessness: AT&T’s Commitment could be as impactful as USAA’s 2016 pledge

On December 11th, 2018, AT&T announced their Believe Dallas initiative, which committed $565,000 across 10 organizations to aid the homeless/marginalized population of Dallas.

This initiative is like USAA’s 2016 commitment of $2.1 million to help homeless veterans in San Antonio. They ‘effectively ended‘ veteran homelessness in San Antonio by June 2017.

While the money was key, the difference maker was the collaboration among the receiving organizations. Led by the regional HUD Continuum of Care agency, SARAH, these organizations rallied together to identify and solve the most common issues facing veterans living in or on the brink of homelessness.

What lessons/experience could AT&T and the receiving organizations build on to have a similar impact in Dallas? Likely much, and the first step would be to begin collaborating with them on this nationwide issue.

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